Bali Memorial Trust

Bali Memorial Helpline

Farah Sadiq (Bali helpline)
Farah Sadiq narrates how the Bali Memorial Trust helped her to become financially independent and to support her family;

“Our family was in dire financial crisis with only my elder sister who worked hard to bear all household expenses including the rent and bills. My family was striving hard for survival and even meeting everyday expenses was getting impossible. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and had no means to get a proper medical treatment for it, amidst all financial problems. At this time of crisis, BMT monetarily supported my family, bore all expenses of my medical treatment and later on financed a beautician training course for me. I am now in good health and work at the Hadiqa Kiyani salon. Thank you BMT for helping me get back on my feet and enabling me to financially support my family.”

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