Bali Memorial Trust

Bali Women’s Crisis Centre

Ms. Fatima (Bali Women’s Crisis Centre)
Ms.Fatima went through a long traumatic marital relationship which left her alone and unsheltered. She was very keen to be economically empowered and financially independent. She took a basic beautician skills course while residing at BWCC. Her brilliant performance made her eligible for the professional course. She will be starting her own little venture as a professional beautician.

“There is a drastic change in the way I was the day I came to BWCC and the way I am today. Not only have I been assisted in discovering my true passion, but I also feel that I have become more confident and independent. The day I received my first diploma, I had tears in my eyes as never did I think that I would be given such an opportunity where I would be able to have money on my own.”

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