Bali Memorial Trust

Orphanage – Bali Girls Shelter 1, 2 & 3

Samina Akbar (Bali Orphanage – Three Girls Shelter)
Samina narrates how Bali Memorial Trust helped her to pursue her dreams and made her a productive citizen of the society:

“I had always dreamed of helping the people in the way of Allah but I was unable to pursue my dreams due to the financial conditions at my home. I heard about the BMT when I had discontinued my studies after Matriculation due to the financial problems. The chairperson of BMT, gave me a job at the BMT Shelter Home for girls where I looked after the young orphan girls. This was the type of work that I had always wanted to do and therefore I worked tirelessly to make the world less cruel for the young orphans. While working, I would use up all my free time to study and by the grace of Allah and with Mrs Laila Nusrat’s help; I passed my graduation exam and managed a few courses to improve my IT skills. BMT also gave me Qarz e Hasna which helped me pay for my house. I am still working at the BMT where I contribute to make people’s lives better; just as Bali Memorial Trust transformed my life from a helpless poor girl to an independent graduate.”

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