Bali Memorial Trust

Bali Memorial Schools

Azeem Sabir ( Bali Memorial Schools )Azeem Sabir, a young helpless student, narrates how Bali Memorial Trust helped him to study and support his family after the sudden death of his father; “ I am very grateful to BMT for helping me in the bleakest of the times; after the sudden death of my father. […]

Bali Women’s Crisis Centre

Ms. Fatima (Bali Women’s Crisis Centre)Ms.Fatima went through a long traumatic marital relationship which left her alone and unsheltered. She was very keen to be economically empowered and financially independent. She took a basic beautician skills course while residing at BWCC. Her brilliant performance made her eligible for the professional course. She will be starting […]

Orphanage – Bali Girls Shelter 1, 2 & 3

Samina Akbar (Bali Orphanage – Three Girls Shelter)Samina narrates how Bali Memorial Trust helped her to pursue her dreams and made her a productive citizen of the society: “I had always dreamed of helping the people in the way of Allah but I was unable to pursue my dreams due to the financial conditions at […]

Bali Memorial Helpline

Farah Sadiq (Bali helpline)Farah Sadiq narrates how the Bali Memorial Trust helped her to become financially independent and to support her family; “Our family was in dire financial crisis with only my elder sister who worked hard to bear all household expenses including the rent and bills. My family was striving hard for survival and […]