Bali Memorial Trust

Relief and Rehabilitation in Disaster Stricken Areas

Pakistan, in the past decade, has witnessed numerous natural and manmade calamities– from the Earthquake, floods, to suicide bombs, and famines. The recent monsoon season has affected more than half of Pakistan, resulting in displacement of 184,000 people and death toll of almost 2000 people across the country, creating a devasting situation. Bali Memorial Trust has always taken every possible step in improving the lives of victims in disaster-stricken areas. 

Earthquake – Bali Memorial Trust began its disaster management on 8th October 2005, when the Earthquake destroyed towns in Kashmir and substantially damaged cities in Northern Punjab. Bali Memorial Trust set up a 135-bed hospital as well as a children’s hospital in Islamabad to cater to the needs of the victims.

Floods – National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reports that the series of floods in the last five years have turned out to be more disastrous, severely effecting the livelihood of people rendering them helpless. Bali Memorial Trust conducted Relief Operations to provide the flood effected people with necessary goods In the first phase of the relief operation in 2010 BMT sent relief goods including food, bedding, clothing, utensils and medicines for above 14000 people. Further, in the second phase of relief operation in 2011 BMT supported 800 families on daily basis with all essentials for 4 months. Bali Memorial Trust, in collaboration with Karachi Rotary Club worked to provide relief goods in Badin in 2011 flood relief campaign. In third phase a model village at Thatta Gurmai was completed and the houses have been handed over to the flood affectees. The land was donated by Mushtaq Gurmani Foundation.

Terrorist Incidents – Pakistan has faced the long-term effects of terrorism which is believed to have started in 2000. A large number of Pakistani civilians have become victim to the terrorism in the past years. In 2009, when Taliban forces occupied the Swat District and terrorized the people of Swat in result numerous were killed and some fled their homes in hope to save their lives. Bali Memorial Trust adopted 9 schools in order to provide a shelter to the victims of the Mardan terrorist activities. Bali Memorial Trust has conducted Relief services to the victims of R A Bazar Bomb Blast in 2010 and also provided necessary support to the families who suffered in FIA Bomb blast.

Tharparkar Famine – According to the flurry of official and unofficial reports hundreds of people died due to malnutrition in Tharparkar in the year 2014. BMT provided Relief Services to the famine-stricken areas of Tharparkar, providing them with dry ration, water and cash donation.
Bali Memorial Trust has helped various government and non-government organizations in setting up proper refugee camps with adequate facilities of food, safe drinking water and medicine, helping 2,500 displaced families.

Bali Memorial Trust has helped various government and non-government organizations in setting up proper refugee camps with adequate facilities of food, safe drinking water and medicine, helping 2,500 displaced families.

Relief Operations
Bali Memorial Trust has gone a step further than most organizations and built numerous villages consisting of 100 to 150 houses in disaster hit areas.

  • Earth Quake 2005-2006 – BMT established a 135-bed hospital, provided food, tents, bedding, clothing etc. to patients and their families. Bali Memorial Trust supported 2500 families in various camps, built 474 houses in village Sialkot Thandiani.
  • Muzafrabad – 73 trucks loaded with medicines, tents, beddings, clothing etc.
  • Swat valley – Bali Memorial Trust built a total of 474 houses in Swat with the support of the army. 
  • Lahore 2007 – In collaboration with other NGOs, ran a paraplegic center for female earthquake effectees. 


  • Lahore 2008-2009 – Supported families of Bomb Blast victims of FIA building.
  • Muzaffargarh- 3 tent villages were set up with 73 truckloads of food for the flood victims and medical camps were also set up
  • Thatta Gurmani – Model village comprising 150 houses was built on the land donated by Mushtaq Gurmani Foundation. The houses were given to the flood affected people – each family received a 5 marla house, with one room (13×16), veranda / kitchen, a bathroom, a hand pump and a space for farm animals. 
  • Quetta 2008 – With the support of UNHABITAT 184 houses were built. Provided 18 truckloads of household goods and food in the first phase of relief operation. 
  • Mardan 2009 – Bali Memorial Trust set up camps at 9 schools in Swat for the people who suffered from the terrorist attacks in Mardan and provided access to clean water by building coolers. Provided support to almost 500 host families of IDPS. Donated 3 ambulances to various hospitals in Swat Valley. 


  • FIA Bomb Blast 2009– Bali memorial trust provided support to 14 families affected by the FIA bomb blast.
  • Hunza Valley 2010 – Food was distributed in Hunza Valley to the flood victims.
  • R A Bazar Bomb Blast 2010 – BMT supported families of victims with food medications and other necessities 
  • Sindh Flood 2011 – Air relief goods containing food and utensils for 600 families were provided. Ration packs were also distributed. 
  • Tharparkar Famine 2014 – Volunteers of BMT reached the famine hit area of Tharparkar with dry ration water and cash donations in March 2014. 1000 families in Nagarparkar, Islamkot, Badin and Run of khach were supported by the volunteer team of Bali Memorial Trust.  
  • Awaran 2014 – Relief work in Awaran, Baluchistan.
  • Flood 2014 – Relief work and tent village for 500 flood effected homeless families in 18 Hazari District Jhang.
  • Sialkot – 2,500 families near Sialkot were provided with food, shelter and other necessities for 6 months. 
  • Swat 2015 – Releif work for earthquake effectees in Swat. 
  • Swat 2020 – Relief work for flood affectees in Swat, BMT distributed Rs. 1 million for home restoration and reconstruction. 
  • Dera Ghazi Khan – 1 tent village was set up which had camps providing food and shelter for 300 families. 


  • Flood 2022 – The monsoon season in Pakistan has produced devastating floods, resultantly effecting millions of people. BMT has started its work to provide housing arrangements for the families who were displaced because of flooding. Rations were provided to 100 families in Mirza Attock Village Punjab. BMT also delivered rations to 100 families, beddings, clothes and shoes in Kalat and Gharibabad Balochistan. 
  • Nasirabad – Dera Murad Jamali 

Jafarabad – Usta Muhammad – Tents were set up at the areas, and medical equipment, food, clothing and mosquito nets were distributed among the flood effectees. 

  • Kashmore – 300 families were provided with ration, utensils, clothes, mattress, and medical kits. Tents were also set up for flood effected people. 

Bali Memorial Trust provided Flood Relief Supplies for the disaster-stricken families catering to the varied needs of thousands due to Flooding in Pakistan 2022. The supplies were provided to Kalat, Jecobabad, Dera Murad Jamali, Kashmore, Thull and Sohbatpur, Balochistan. The relief goods comprised of supplies for shelter, mosquito prevention net, cooking, health and feminine care. Ration packs, bedding, shoes, clothes, quilts, kitchen utensils, pulses, flour, spices etc. were provided because of the contributions made by our generous donors.

Currently Bali Memorial Trust constructing 150 houses for the families affected by 2022 floods in village Zulfiqar – Jhal Magsi Baluchistan. The construction is being undertaken but the cost of each house is Rs. 250 – 300,000 so kindly show your support towards our cause by donating for the disaster-stricken people, facilitating them with a safe and secure life.  

COVID-19 Relief Work

In accordance with numerous reports COVID-19 had negatively affected physical and financial lives of people in Pakistan. With complete lockdown imposed, the quality of life of population nation-wide was drastically affected. Due to the dire increase in the number of COVID-19 patients since March 2020, Pakistani medical institutions suffered from lack of medical supplies as Pakistani hospitals were in severe need of ventilators and other related supplies. Bali Memorial trust under the supervision of Ms. Laila Nusrat, distributed anti-COVID-19 safety equipment. To assist the local communities in following SOPS’s BMT distributed 620 N-95 masks, 5 liters sanitizers and soaps. PPE kits were provided to 5000 individuals. Medicine was provided to COVID-19 affected patients in various local communities. 3450 families provided food assistance during lockdown. 2 Ventilators at Services Hospital and Mayo Hospital were donated. 8 disinfection tunnels installed at various hospitals in Lahore. 56 COVID-19 TESTS were sponsored. Apart from this 1200 ration packs were distributed to jobless daily wagers in different less privileged areas of Lahore. 

Primary and Secondary High Schools

According to UNICEF, approximately 22.8 million children in Pakistan between the ages of 5 to 12 are out of school. 90% of which are unable to join school due to their socio-economic conditions or geographical locations indicating that the children have not failed to reach school, the school has failed to reach these children.

In 1998, Bali Memorial Trust started its first school in Lahore. Bali Memorial runs two schools– a primary school at Mian Mir and a secondary and technical school at Ladheke Bhullar. The secondary school works on developing student’s skill set that is necessary for future employment in the industrial sector. These schools impart quality education and are run by a team of dedicated staff members who are taught skills such as classroom management, lesson planning, interactive teaching, creative writing and other teaching techniques. These schools are equipped with library, computer labs and provide books, uniforms and stationery free of charge. Recently we have collaborated with Lahore Grammar School who is assisting us in improving the education standards at Bali Memorial School in Ladheke Bhullar. They are providing our staff with trainings and working on creating an environment for the students that is conducive to learning. BMT through a sponsorship scheme is based on the kindness and generosity of Pakistanis worldwide that can provide funds for quality education of children in Pakistan. 

When you sponsor a child, you are helping to ensure that they and so many others can grow up healthy, learning and safe – regardless of their background. You can contribute to the cause by making a general or a specific donation.  

Community Welfare/Helpline

Bali Memorial Helpline was started in 2005 to improve the lives of the poor by helping them break the vicious circle of poverty. The purpose of Bali Memorial Helpline is to assist the underprivileged resolve their problems. Though their problems may sound simple, they are often multilayered and hence require aid in more than one area. Bali Memorial Helpline supports them by providing a variety of services. 

  1. Financial Assistance – General, Business and Educational loans
  2. Surgical and Medical Aid – Sponsors surgeries and provides free medicines
  3. Legal Assistance – Help to resolve general lawsuits
  4. Educational and Technical Assistance
  5. General and Psychiatry Counselling
  6. Cornea Replacement for blind individuals
  7. Aids and Gadgets for the disabled
  8. Ramzan Ration for the deserving

Besides the above-mentioned services, Bali Memorial Trust especially focuses on women and provides training programs on entrepreneurial skills, business set up courses, tailoring courses and cosmetology courses. BMT conducted Jail Project Kot Lakhpat Jail Lahore in 2021 where we set up eye camps, provided 1 water cooler, 50 + rations and cloths to the people.

Bali Memorial Trusts welcomes walk-ins and holds open days each week on Wednesday and Thursday. Any individual who is in need of help is welcome to drop by and register at the helpline. After registration, they are directed to volunteers who listen to their problems and help them accordingly. Their cases are heard by our volunteers and board members who then take appropriate action to help deserving cases. Thanks to the donations we receive, we are able to provide hearing aids, wheel chairs, education as well as loans to help startup businesses. Bali Memorial Helpline is open to anyone in need of financial, legal, medical or any such aid.

Qarz-e-Hasna Program

Bali Memorial Trusts offers uncollateralized micro-loans of PKR 25,000 – 30,000 to those individuals who otherwise have no or limited access to credit. The terms of the microloan vary between 3-12 months, to be repaid with 0% interest in monthly instalments or in one bullet payment, depending on the purpose of the loan.

For a loan above PKR Thirty Thousand has to be approved by the board. The borrowers can apply for one loan at a time. A person may only apply for another loan if he/she has fully paid back his/her previous debt.

You can contribute to the cause by making a general or a specific donation.

Orphanages for Destitute Girls

In 2006, Bali Memorial Trust started a girls’ Orphanage (Bali girls Shelter 1) and currently houses up to fifty-seven girls/women. Bali Memorial Trust started the fourth shelter for homeless girls, which is currently providing quality care and protection to 32 girls. Furthermore, the shelters provided by BMT Bali Memorial Trust is committed to providing orphaned girls a stable family environment that instils community values and a sense of empowerment in them. Bali Memorial Trust also provides counselling to girls to help them cope with past traumas, abuse and neglect. We hope to nurture and inspire a new generation of women who are strong, intelligent and self-sufficient, and will continue to bring about a positive change in our society. Over the years, we are thankful to our donors who have helped us in providing facilities for these children such as planning extra-curricular activities and other social events. We are in the process of building another shelter for the orphaned girls (Bali Girls shelter 2). It is a purpose-built building which can provide quality accommodation to 60 girls.

You can contribute to the cause by making a general or a specific donation.

Old People’s Home/Old Age Home

Bali Memorial homes are the new homes for the elderly, where they can live dignified lives. Bali Memorial Trust established its first old home for women in 2008 and an old home for men was set up in 2012.

The rapidly changing socio-economic situation is impacting the family structures and values. Nowadays, elderly is sometimes viewed as a burden, especially in the low-income class. Although it is very unfortunate, the reality cannot be wished away. Bali Memorial Trust helps them adjust to their new home by providing counselling and a place where they can freely express themselves, without losing their dignity. Bali Memorial Homes provides their residents with the comforts of a well-equipped home, with free medical care and 24 hours in-house aides. In addition to the full-time residents, Bali Memorial homes also caters to those elderly people who need short term medical care – one to three months – and require a place to stay. Physiotherapy sessions are conducted at Old People’s Homes (Female) from time to time with the aim to promote physical therapy program, and maintain the senior residents’ health through physical examination, diagnoses, patient education, physical intervention, disease prevention, for their total well-being. 

To cater to the rising demand, we plan to expand our operations in the future. You can contribute to the cause by making a general or a specific donation. 

Crises Center for Women and Children

We recognize that an empowered woman means an empowered community, however we live in a society where women face numerous problems due to the patriarchal values embedded in our local culture and traditions. Roughly 50-90% of the women in Pakistan experience some form of gender-based violence, whether it be emotional or physical abuse, and due to our customs, they are not able to break the cycle of abuse.

Bali Memorial Women Crisis Centre focuses on full rehabilitation and self-fulfillment of Gender Based Violence victims. Our aim is to provide a temporary safe shelter to women who are in any crisis whether financial, psychological, legal or medical. We focus on creating a strong support system for these women, which is imperative in enabling them to take charge of their own lives. The shelter is well equipped to deal with women in distress and provides them with the necessary health care; safety and counselling through seamless service delivery.

Our objective is to empower these women so that they can support themselves and become strong and active members of the society. We encourage them to pursue their areas of interest by providing them with the relevant vocational trainings, which will also help them to find jobs and become financially independent, as well as improve their self-esteem by giving them a sense of value. In November 2012, USAID and Aurat Foundation technically and financially supported Bali women’s Crisis Centre for a period of one year through their Gender Equity Program, Grant Cycle 6 A- strengthening Women shelters. The collaboration enhanced the capacity of service providers along with providing material resources for women empowerment.

Presently, we have the facilities to cater for women who are accompanied with their children. Bali Memorial Women Crisis Centre is fully supportive in helping the women achieve their goals of financial independence and in doing so we provide them and their children with any educational and medical needs they may have.

You can contribute to the cause by making a general or a specific donation.

Skill Development/ Vocational Training

BMT conducts training sessions at Bali Memorial Trust Higher Secondary & Technical School Ladheke Bhullar, for the upskilling of youth at the village Ladheke Bhullar. The training courses include, beautician course, tailoring, industrial electronics, industrial instrumentation, Refrigeration/Air-condition Mechanics and computer operating courses. These skill development courses and vocational courses are 1 – 2 years-based courses where students are provided with professional trainers as well as equipment and a certificate distribution ceremony is held after the completion of each course where students are rewarded with certificates to start their professional lives. The cost of 1 – 2 years courses start from Rs. 7,430 including books and other necessary items.

Healthcare Services

In 1999, Bali Memorial Trust launched two dispensaries, one in Ladheke Bhullar and one in Mian Mir to cater to the ever-rising demand for proper health care. The purpose of Bali Memorial Trust is to provide the underprivileged access to affordable health services.

After the overwhelming positive response from the local residents to the dispensaries, Bali Memorial decided to expand these services and as of 2014 there are a total of 2 two hospitals and 7 local dispensaries and clinics in low-income areas of Lahore. The dispensaries provide 80 percent of the medication for free, while the rest is subsidized. These clinics are staffed with MBBS qualified doctors who treat an average of 50 – 55 patients daily at each clinic.


You can contribute to the cause by making a general or a specific donation.

Action on Climate Change

In order to improve our living environment and prevent the resulting disasters of climate change and global warming, it is important to carry out a massive tree plantation in order to save our beloved country. Bali Memorial Trust with participation of sponsors, started its efforts in making Pakistan Green and providing a better environment for our future generations. BMT has taken an initiative of rejuvenating the relishes of nature and to counter climate change. In two plantation phases, 25,000 tree saplings were planted on an area of over 35 acres in Changa Manga forest park and 10,000 of these saplings were planted by volunteers from Aitchison College Lahore. On August 14, 2018, a world record was also made by BMT school students and shelter children, to plant 10,000 tree saplings in three minutes. 

Young volunteers of Bali Memorial Trust are also working on a recycling project to help in production of biodegradable material.

Eid-ul-Azha Qurbani Facility

Giving Qurbani (a sacrifice) is a holy act of worship performed by Muslims during Eid-ul-Azha. Qurbani is performed in order to provide for the poor and needy.  Bali Memorial Trust organizes a fund raising during the holy month of Dhul Hijah every year to benefit the needy. Share in Cow, Sheep and Goat starts from Rs. 16,000, 24,000, 30,000, respectively. The meat of the Qurbani is divided in three parts. One part is cooked and distributed among Bali’s orphanages and other shelters. The second part is distributed to the needy and deprived families registered with Bali’s community welfare helpline. And the third part of the Qurbani is supplied as food for wedding ceremonies of the less privileged. 

Sadaqah/ Goat Slaughter 

In Islam Sadaqah (charity) that is voluntarily given is believed to ease hardships and remove calamities. Bali Memorial Trust have been providing the facility of accepting donations starting from Rs. 8,000 for sadaqah of goat and distribute the meat to the people who are in need and those who are less fortunate which is considered to be most rewarding in Islam.

Strengthening Of Bali Memorial Technical & Secondary School For Increased Access To Quality Education

Project objectives:

To strengthen the capacity of Bali Memorial Technical & Secondary School by:

  • Improving Infrastructure through installation of Solar Panels, provision of Furniture and up gradation of Computer Laboratory, Science Laboratory & Technical Training Workshops
  • Mobilizing local community for increasing female enrollment in this and other mainstream schools.

Key Milestones:

  • Installation of Solar Panel for uninterrupted power generation and supply to BMTSS (Bali Memorial Technical & Secondary School) situated in Village Ladheke Bhullar, Union Council Pandoki, a low income area of District Lahore.
  • Up gradation of BMTSS Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Science Laboratories with latest equipments.
  • Up gradation of Technical Training workshops and formulation of 8 Women Education Committees (WECs)

Anti-Fraud Hotline

USAID/Pakistan has, in cooperation with the USAID Office of Inspector General, established the Anti-Fraud Hotline to provide an avenue for the reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse which may be associated with USAID funded projects in Pakistan.

Complaints are handled with complete confidentiality and individuals are encouraged to report when corruption, fraud, waste or abuse may exist in the USAID/Pakistan projects. Reports can be filed anonymously via the easy-to-use Hotline (toll free number 0800 84700); e-mail at; fax at 021-35390410; postal address at 5-C, 2nd Floor Khayban-e-lttehad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan; and on the website 


The project, Strengthening of Bali Memorial Technical & Secondary School for Increased Access to Quality Education, is made possible by the support of the American People through The United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the sole responsibility of Bali Memorial Trust (BMT) and do not necessarily reflect the view of USAID or the United States Government.

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