Bali Memorial Trust

We believe every child deserves a future.

Bringing people together to end poverty for good

Bali Memorial Trust is a tax-exempt public charity founded in 1997 by Mian Nusratuddin and Mrs. Laila Nusrat, in the loving memory of their son, Iqbal (affectionately known as Bali), whom they lost at a very young age.

Their initial aim was to provide free education to the underprivileged, however, after a year of running the school, the founders realized that to truly help the disadvantaged in Pakistan, a multipronged and comprehensive approach was required. Hence, in 1999 the founders initiated the launch of their health services by setting up a small mother/child hospital in Ladheki, Lahore.

What makes us different?

Projects you can trust

We fully vet every nonprofit in our community. We’ve even conducted site visits for most organizations—even those in the remote Amazon!

Training and support

We offer tools, training, and one-on-one support to help nonprofits get the funding and resources they need.

Customized programs

Your sponsorship encompasses health and educational programs and resources, designed to address the specific issues each child faces in their community.

Direct connections

We’re a top-rated humanitarian organization focused on ending generational poverty through a proven approach.

Projects you can trust

Partnerships across every sector make all of our work for children and young people possible.

Projects you can trust

With your support, children receive access to health care, educational resources and life-changing programs in safe, clean spaces.